Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation

fullsizerenderBlood flow restriction rehabilitation, or BFR for short, is an exercise technique that is changing how all rehab professionals manage their clients. A simple explanation of this technique is that it allows one to lift light weights and achieve the effects of lifting heavy. Until now, there has not been an alternative to lifting heavy in order to add muscle size or strength. BFR provides a way around this for those in pain or limited by surgical precaution. George Erb Physical Therapy, Inc. was the first clinic in California to be certified by Owens Recovery Science in BFR. We have since hosted another certification course with Johnny Owens, PT, and are working closely with him to educate medical professionals in the Western region of the US on how to utilize BFR to achieve greater outcomes for their clients. Additional information on BFR can be found on the Owens Recovery Science site linked below:


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