J. Kyle Kimbrell, PT


J. Kyle Kimbrell, PT, MPT, CI, CSCS

Kyle is a native of Pasadena, Texas, and like any self respecting Texan, he will find a way to work “Texas” into his conversations. The “J” stands for “James,” a namesake he shares with his father and both grandfathers. He has always gone by his middle name, but is proud to share this connection with these great men. After graduating from Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, he left to attend Oklahoma Christian University (OC). While at OC he was a member of the Eagles baseball team for four years, and received a BS in Biology in ’99. In December of ’02 he received a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Hardin-Simmons University (HSU). While at HSU he met lifelong friend Matt Stump, who eventually coaxed him to move west and begin at George Erb Physical Therapy, Inc. Interestingly, Kyle and George did not meet face-to-face until a few days before he began working for him. Prior, they only shared the trust of a good friend, Matt, and an appreciation for keeping one’s “hands inside the baseball”!

As a therapist Kyle has continued to further his education with numerous continuing education courses. He believes however, that perhaps even more valuable to his continued progress as a clinician, is the ever growing experience of treating patients, being critical of their outcomes, and the routine discussions amongst his fellow clinicians regarding treatment approaches the clinic affords. In addition to his duties as a therapist at George Erb, Kyle has managed the Ventura County Sheriff Academy’s  Recruit Injury Prevention Program for 10 years now. In that time he has assisted them in modifying their training practices to reduce injury, as well as facilitated a speedy return to activity for those recruits who do sustain an injury.

Throughout Kyle’s life there have been a number of people that have demonstrated to him how very important it is to give of yourself, for the benefit of others. Because of this example, Kyle serves as a clinical instructor for physical therapy students completing their education, works the Adolfo Camarillo HS Football sideline with George, Matt, and Michael Bahk, M.D. as a part of the medical team, coaches PONY baseball each spring, serves as Director of Procedures for Camarillo PONY Baseball (CPBA), and lectures yearly to CPBA coaches on the importance of pitch count regulations in youth baseball.

Kyle is the 2013 “March Madness” office pool CHAMPION!! A friendly competition amongst co-workers he founded 10 years ago. He has awarded special prizes to winners ranging from hideous basketball trophies, to a Bobble-head of George in a basketball uniform, to the current award, a sweet “Los Erbos” basketball jersey. In his free time Kyle watches as much baseball as he can, spends time with his American Bulldog “Winchester”, and tries to perfect his skills as a BBQ pitmaster.

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